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This app was developed to teach and train you in how to use the Yoga technique of Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma Viloma / Nadi Shodhana). Choose your individual level and the number of turns, you would like to practice. The Alternate Nostril Breathing App counts down the seconds for breathing in, breathing out and holding your breath, so you may fully concentrate on yourself and the exercise.
Choose a soft notification sound or a vibration signal, to get notified on the change of the different phases. The app leaves it up to you, to design your perfect exercising session.
This app also includes a tutorial, how to use and practice the Alternate Nostril Breathing technique effectively.
Alternate Nostril Breathing, also known as Anuloma Viloma or Nadi Shodana, is a breathing technique used in Yoga. It's a daily exercise used in most Yoga routines.

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