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Bonus Episode | Stranger Things Trivia Game

Bonus Episode | Stranger Things Trivia Game

Time: 1:40:46
This episode originally was posted as a Patreon Exclusive. Many of you have really made this week so special for us at Streaming Things. Whether it was an email you sent, review you wrote, or voicemail you left - you really did leave an impact with all of us at Streaming Things. So to say thanks, we are making this hilarious trivia episode public for everyone to listen to! This episode was recorded hours before Chapter 1 of Stranger Things 4 dropped, so all of the questions are from seasons 1 through 3.
Thank you all so much for helping grow the show. Please continue to write in, and let us know what you think of this trivia episode! 
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You have found the chocolate pudding! Join hosts Chris, Andy, and Steve (Stu) as they break down a multitude of television shows and films on a journey that began with Netflix Original Stranger Things. They dive deep into the cultural relevance of each property, discuss their favorite moments, and analyze the storytelling and filmmaking. Join the conversation at streamingthingspod@gmail.com

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