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Love & Pauses

Love & Pauses

Time: 1:20:39
Kimmy and Liza are joined by CARLYNNE to talk about love, the necessity of pauses, and to say a GOODBYE FOR NOW. To all of you listening for a short time, or for years: you are GEMS. Keep in touch. Nurture Connection. Have some fun. We love you. Go on a date. Follow us @51FirstDatesPod on Instagram! Send your worst first date stories to 51firstdatespod@gmail.com. Subscribe to our Substack at https://preciousgems.substack.com/. And don't forget to join our secret Facebook group!
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Release Date: 08/06/2022, 00:08:54


Dating is hard. That's why BFFs Kimmy and Liza decided a 51 first date project would be... fun? Each week, they recap (overanalyze) a date. They also talk to cool guests about modern love in their quest to reclaim dating as a sometimes enjoyable, but still mostly horrifying, thing to do. Produced by CHIX Productions, LLC.

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