This podcast has episodes with short and long stories for children in hindi language. The stories will have a variety from Panchatantra, Grimm Brothers fairy tales and folk tales to stories written by children themselves.
The hindi stories will have english translations of difficult hindi words and sentences. These stories are fun and great way to learn both the languages Hindi and English at the same time.
We want this podcast to be a platform for children to show off and share their creative writing abilities. If you know of a child who is a story writer, encourage them to share their work with us. If their work is selected, it will be published on our podcast with full credit given to them.

Customer Reviews

I can’t say anything except ‘THANK YOU’

Really I mean it, you deserve so much but I don’t have anything bigger than thank you.
Please keep posting.

Mind blowing 🤩🤩🤩

currie Behar
A class 7 girl that’s me ones said”the best way to learn the true moral values of life:Kanani Prachi ki zubani”

Loved it

Authentic reviews
Mam thankyou so much your hindi lessons help alot !

Love the stories

We live in South India and I find this an amazing medium to make my son learn more Hindi words. We both enjoyed the narration. Keep up the good work, Prachi!

This has become bedtime story for my daughter

Samip Dalwadi
Good voice and nice story.

Like it

Appreciated your efforts 👍🏻