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Adelaide Goodeve, Brain Coach, Episode 198

Adelaide Goodeve, Brain Coach, Episode 198

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You're listening to 90% Mental: conversations with Grant Parr, Episode 198.
Today, mental performance coach Grant Parr sits down with performance psychologist and Ironman athlete Adelaide Goodeve to discuss overcoming adversity, reprogramming the mind, and leadership.
Goodeve talks about her recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and how that journey now inspires her mission to help people transform into Champions by tapping into their superpowers.
If you are ready to get inspired by her amazing story and becoming your version of a champion, then this is a must-listen episode.
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90% Mental is a podcast that promotes awareness around mental performance within sport by interviewing athletes and coaches where they can share their stories and perspectives on sport psychology topics. Guests range from Olympians, Olympic Coaches, professional athletes/coaches, collegiate athletes/coaches, sport psychologists, and authors. Every Monday at 5:00 PM there will be a minimum of one episode released.

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