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An Irish Birthday Celebration (#830)

An Irish Birthday Celebration (#830)

Time: 24:17
In this episode we celebrate 10 years of the Letter from Ireland! In the summer of 2013, we started to write, and send out, a weekly letter from Ireland. Two years later we started the Letter from Ireland podcast.
Today, the letter goes out every Sunday to 60,000 people of Irish descent all around the world and continues to thrive - all due to the support and feedback we get from our wonderful listeners and readers. Thank you one and all!
We share two letters entitled - "10 Years of The Letter from Ireland" and "Why I write the Letter from Ireland".
We also have some wonderful Irish music to help us along the way supplied by Sharon Shannon and friends. I do hope you enjoy!
Music featured in this episode:"Magic Foot" performed by Sharon Shannon."Galway Girl" performed by Sharon Shannon and Steve Earle."Love, Love, Love" performed by Sharon Shannon and John Prine.
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The Letter from Ireland Podcast. Join us as we travel in the footsteps of your Irish Ancestors around Ireland - visiting their homelands and telling their stories and with lots of great Irish music along the way.

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