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Is Now the Worst Time to Network? Or the Best Time?

Is Now the Worst Time to Network? Or the Best Time?

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Today’s mini-episode is the latest edition of my Case of the Mondays newsletter, a free newsletter I send out exclusively to my subscribers every Monday morning with my latest thoughts, strategies, and tips for better managing the crazy balancing act between work & life. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather design a career where I’m excited about Mondays instead of dreading them. To be the first to receive next week’s newsletter, to read today’s episode in addition to listening, and for access to all of the past newsletters in the Case of the Mondays archives, simply visit optimizeyourself.me/mondays.
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Built by creative professionals for creative professionals, at Optimize Yourself we believe it is absolutely possible to love what you do for a living…without having to sacrifice your health, relationships, or sanity in the process. Creative burnout is NOT inevitable!
In a nutshell this podcast is a combination of Tim Ferriss meets Ted Lasso (minus the mustache). Hosted by Zack Arnold (ACE) - an award-winning Hollywood editor, producer, and director, a career coach, an American Ninja Warrior, and most importantly a father - these raw, honest, and candid conversations will both provide you with the necessary tools to optimize your creative potential as well as inspiring you to believe that you can.
Whether it’s American Ninja Warrior superstar Jessie Graff (Zack’s ninja trainer), P90X creator Tony Horton (Zack’s fitness trainer), or Ramit Sethi (Zack’s business mentor)...or perhaps industry legends such as Walter Murch, Jeffrey Ford, Roger Barton, or Eddie Hamilton…or productivity gurus such as David Allen (GTD), Cal Newport (Deep Work), or James Clear (Atomic Habits),…we’ll provide you with the strategies, resources, and mindsets to help you design a clear path towards the more balanced, more productive, and more fulfilling life you deserve.

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