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Deschooling Money & Minimalism with Rachel Rainbolt

Deschooling Money & Minimalism with Rachel Rainbolt

Time: 58:03
Deschooling Money & Minimalism
Rachel Rainbolt joins me on the podcast for episode 116, Deschooling, Money & Minimalism. This season we are moving further into the Deschooling process; what it means, why it is important, the broader impacts it has in our life and how it can positively impact our learning journey. (That's right. I said how it can positively impact our learning journey)
Rachel Rainbolt, founder of Sage Family, is a gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living mentor. With a master’s degree in marital and family therapy, she has spent decades guiding thousands of overwhelmed families to peace and joy. Rachel works from the Pacific Northwest, where she lives wild and free in connection with her 3 wildlings and the papa bear in their fixer upper on the beach.
In This Episode
Homeschooling flourishes when we are intentionally connected to our values. In this episode we explore what those values are for Rachel's family and the impact it has on not just their learning world, but on the life they lead. It's all about Deschooling Money, Minimalism, Simplicity, Intentionality and Relationships in order to live our best life. Tune in to listen to our discussion on:
Why natural homeschooling connects with Rachel's family's values and beliefs
Minimalism- letting go of all of the stuff that doesn't matter so that we create space for what does
Why unschooling is minimalism for education
Minimalism in parenting
Minimalism in relationships
Simplifying life to fulfillment
The idea of Excess for Success
Spending in alignment with values
Deschooling money- looking with nonjudgemental curiosity at our relationship with money
What it means to have a healthy relationship with money and why this is a part of the Deschooling process
How to talk about money with our kids without fear and baggage
Resources Mentioned
There were a ton of tips and resources on deschooling money and minimalism that we shared in this episode. You can find the links below
Connect with Rachel
Sage Family
 Sage Family Podcast
Rachel on Instagram
Sage Family Village
Bucket System (course)
Homeschool Hacks (freebie)
Sage Money (course)
Money Mojo Quiz (freebie)
Money Book List
Books Mentioned
A Simple Path To Wealth
Total Money Makeover- Dave Ramsey
Your Money Or Your Life- Vicki Robin
The 4 Hour Work Week- Tim Ferris
Connect With Robyn
Homeschooling With Purpose Master Class
How To Be An Awesome Homeschooler March Summit
Listen to Rachel's first interview on the podcast and learn more about their journey into natural learning.
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