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Is Perfection In Detailing Possible? Community 🍻 Pub

Is Perfection In Detailing Possible? Community 🍻 Pub

Time: 1:28:08
Imagine the dirtiest car you have ever cleaned....could you have achieved a perfect detail on that? Maybe...maybe not and so who determines the perfect detail? Does the customer who is paying or is it the detailer who is performing the service? Welcome to the Community 🍻 Pub where we have open talks about the Car Care Industry but Detailers hop into a live conversation to weigh in on their views.  This episode isn't about someones story but real life detailers answering with their opinions.
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Welcome to the most influential and listened to podcast for the Car Care Industry. We are the #community that brings you fresh perspectives, real talks, motivational encouragement and we probably will be drinking some fine fermentations while we do it But what if you want to watch live? Join in for the live feed on Facebook.com/hypercleanstore . Grab A Pint And Enjoy 🍻

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