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The 10 Disciplines with Gino Wickman

The 10 Disciplines with Gino Wickman

Being a startup entrepreneur is a struggle.  As some of you know, I recently joined the ranks of a startup founder. In November we launched Intertru and boy, my world has moved to light speed to a totally new dimension. It has become ridiculously exc..
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Being a startup entrepreneur is a struggle. 
As some of you know, I recently joined the ranks of a startup founder. In November we launched Intertru and boy, my world has moved to light speed to a totally new dimension. It has become ridiculously exciting!
But there is one huge challenge… maintaining operational discipline. 
My struggle comes from the need to put out fires and execute critical projects outside of my expertise. Making it difficult to stay disciplined in a workflow cadence that produces results.  
Today we are going to key in on 10 Disciplines that you can implement today in your life to produce consistent results to the benefit of your company growth!
Guest Bio:
Gino Wickman is the Author of Traction & founder of EOS Worldwide, an organization that helps tens of thousands of businesses implement EOS with the aid of an international team of almost 600 professional and certified EOS Implementers and online support. There are over 180,000 companies using the EOS tools worldwide.
Today Gino focuses on helping entrepreneurs and leaders maximize their freedom, creativity, and Impact through his books:
Entrepreneurial Leap, Rocket Fuel, The EOS Life, and The 10 Disciplines for Managing And Maximizing Your Energy.
What are the 10 disciplines 
Discuss the most relevant to startup entrepreneurs
We are all balls of energy – some burn bright, some don’t
You are racehorses (entrepreneurs/leaders) – harness energy
Don’t have to motivate/teach basics – eat, sleep, exercise, work ethic
Each stands on its own, fully customizable
Fast, simple and powerful
10-year thinking
Take time off
Know thyself
Be still
Know your 100%
Say no…often
Don’t do $25 an hour work
Prepare every night
Put everything in one place
10. Be humble
How do we solve the problem? 
10-year thinking
Shift your mind from short-term thinking, to thinking in 10-year timeframes
Every decision is a 10-year decision/thinking, not a goal
Sam Cupp – 10-year business cycle
When you do – time slows, a peace comes over you, make better decisions and
get there faster
Quote “Overestimate one year…”
Les Brown “Good Decade”
Shifts energy
Action – write date 10 years from now, write age, write goalOther things are ok
Now think about everything you are doing today
See it every night
Say no…often
Say no to everything that doesn’t fit in the first 5 disciplines
Warren Buffett quote/”No! No!”
“…physical discomfort/guilt…” – Essentialism, Greg McKeown
Eat a worm?
If it doesn’t fit with the first 5 disciplines – say no
Turn to person – say “No!”
Action – say no to something in the next 7 days/cancel an appointment
Prepare every night:
Before your head hits the pillow every night, document the next day’s plan
Go to bed knowing exactly tomorrow
Sleep better
Spontaneous – BS, come one, if you’re running a company, you don’t have the luxury
Subconscious does the work
Wake up with ideas/solutions
Get more done
As opposed to waking up and figuring it out
Use any technology – I use a legal pad
Action – do it tonight
Put everything in one place
Pick the one place you will capture every idea, commitment, thought, action item and promise
Let people down/chaos/sticky notes
The legal pad
Throughout the day write down your commitments, promises, ideas, to-do’s
Compartmentalize all at the end of the day
Action – pick your “one place” and do it tomorrow
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