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Set of the Day Podcast - 876 - Goodkidmadcity

Set of the Day Podcast - 876 - Goodkidmadcity

Tracklist 1.Daniel Fuentes - Neeli Aankhen [Flug…
Time: 1:25:42
1.Daniel Fuentes - Neeli Aankhen [Flug Lab]
2.Dublew - Montage [XYZ]
3.Kostya Outta - Zero Gravity [inU]
4.Bojan B , Hobon Rude - Apicem (David Podhel Remix) [Dopamine White]
5.Ruben Karapetyan - Amberd [3rd Avenue]
6.Guy J - Illusions [Lost and Found]
7.Sebastian Sellares - Conviction (Subconscious Tales Remix) [Proton]
8.Soulmade(AR) - Prototype [ABORIGINAL]
9.Analog Jungs - Connection [Univack Records]
10.Mike Rish - Reka [meanwhile]
11.Kabi - Spicy [Plaisirs Soneres Records]
12.Stereo Munk , Dublew - ID
13.Ruben Karapetyan - Frequency Formula [The Soundgarden]
14.Golan Zocher & Ojeni - Alive (Dabeat Remix) [Clubsonica Records]
15.Greenage - 1000 Nights of Summer [Harabe Lab]
Sherry aka goodkidmadcity brought up in the streets of Peshawar(PK).The young boy is an avid listener of music since he was 13. His music choice was always different from his age fellows. He started djying at the age of 17 as a laptop and mobile Dj for his frnds. Listening and djing to multiple genres, he ended up listening to Underground Music. Gaining popularity from the believers and followers of Electronic Music,this young man at the age of 22 recently last year formed his own event management/Podcast Show known as Sincity Deep Tech Station which started as a private couple rave in the small town and then premiered their first grand show at the independence night of 2022 bringing a pure EDM culture for the first in the city of flowers.Moreover, this mad city boy brought the culture of private raves at his hometown.Currently he is working on production of underground music. He believes that music is a mediocre for shattered souls which never heals but one enjoys the curing process.
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GUID: tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/1593133896
Release Date: 15/08/2023, 00:32:35


Electronic Podcast and Label with a lot of newcomers.
Demos: https://setoftheday.com/setoftheday-demos
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