The Paisa Vaisa podcast helps you understand all things money so that you can make well-informed financial decisions. Understand the basics every week as host, Anupam Gupta, talks with experts across a wide spectrum of the banking and financial services industry: CIOs, CEOs, startup founders, bloggers, advisers, even kids - all of them are part of the awesome line up of guests on the show.

Customer Reviews

Hats off to Anupam ji 🙏🏽

Goutam Roy
Whole week keep looking forward to see the upload of new episodes in Paisa Vaisa. Such an interesting podcast. Great job sir. Thnks a ton


This is Indian everyday finance for everyone. Should be taught to kids in schools and adults at work. Legitimately learnt more here than did in two years of MBA. Keep up the great work!

Simple and engaging

When I first heard of this podcast I just thought of it as just another show with usual gyaan on investments. But nevertheless I thought of trying out by listening to one of the podcasts. Something just clicked and since then I have been listening to different podcasts on this channel. The tone and the language of the show is so simple and very easy to relate to. It is like having a casual but meaningful chat with a friend of yours vs sitting in a classroom listening to all the intense gyaan from a PhD. It is very engaging, enjoyable and knowledgable at the same time. Thanks and good work Anupam.

Financial Gyan at its best

Anupam you are doing a gr8 job. Your content and ability to influence all levels is amazing... although working with a financial I creator this show has allowed me to question the new products and their age old techniques. Keep it up.
Request you to do a show for NRI investors which I am certain form a huge part of your listeners since a lot of government related schemes / smallcase etc are not yet open to them.
Wish you all the best !

Scribox episode

dhaval khatadia
I'm a regular listener. Thanks for imparting financial knowledge ! Please share your email address so that I could contact you of any doubts regarding the broadcasted shows.

Great content!

I recently started to learn about investment an this seems to be very informative

Ok. But longer episodes needed.

Goku 9888
The episodes need to be longer. For 3 minute audio, 1 minute goes into the start and end caption. Thereby leaving little content.

Best podcast to understand basics!

@b50 is a pleasure to listen to! Thanks a ton! Keep it up.

Outright 5 Stars for more Quality Content

Spark Gibson
Please keep up the great work, we all appreciate it more than we can express.