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How to Succeed Podcast

Released: 2023-03-27
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593 Episodes
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593 Episodes
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Released: 2023-03-27
© ℗ 2022 Sandler Systems, LLC. All rights reserved. Sandler (stylized) is a service mark of Sandler Systems, LLC.
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How to Succeed at Unlocking the Magic of Story

How to Succeed at Unlocking the Magic of Story

Influence And Engage Any Audience with Stephanie Paul
Time: 37:31
In this episode, we sit down with Stephanie Paul to discuss the magic of the story and how to use it to engage and influence any audience. Stephanie is an author and speaker coach who coaches executive sales teams, TEDx speakers, fundraisers, and other experts on how to become better storytellers and presenters. She believes that story is prewired into our brains, which is why it is so important to tickle that part of the brain.
Stephanie explains that a story should be more than just a list of facts; it should be a message that emotionally moves us in some capacity. She has helped over 30 presenters craft compelling and concise stories as well as become better presenters.
Find Stephanie Paul at https://stephaniepaulinc.com/powerfulgift/ 
0:00:02  Unlocking the Magic of Story to Influence and Engage Any Audience
0:02:45  Common Myths and Misconceptions in Storytelling and Presenting
0:04:58  Conversation on the Power of Humor and Playfulness in Storytelling
0:09:18  "The Ideal Attitude for Matching Content and Audience"
0:14:23  Conversation on Power, Credibility, and Storytelling
0:16:15  Topic: The Power of Vulnerability and Connecting Through Authenticity
0:19:33  Conversation on Human Behavior
0:21:04  Conversation on Crafting Effective Presentations and Stories
0:23:01  "Using Storytelling to Engage and Influence Any Audience"
0:26:50  Defining Success and Crafting Engaging Talks
0:28:40  Unlocking the Magic of Story and Succeeding in Your Career
0:33:47  Conversation on Connecting with an Audience and Recommended Techniques and Hacks
0:35:10  A Conversation on Biohacking and Sandler Training
Key Highlights:
Stephanie stresses the value of being enthusiastic and having fun while communicating a message, whether it is to an audience or when trying to sell anything. 
Before focusing on the facts and data, you should first focus on your passion and energy while developing your ideas. It is crucial to scan the room and assess the audience before deciding how to deliver their message. 
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