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451 - A Masterclass on LinkedIn Content Creation with Kotryna Kurt

451 - A Masterclass on LinkedIn Content Creation with Kotryna Kurt

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Most of you are selling B2B services, and I'll be very surprised if your audience isn't on LinkedIn. 
At last count, around 800 million people were active on the platform.
It makes sense to leverage, and it makes even more sense, given it is free to do so.
The next question is how you do it and how you do it well. 
In my interview with Kotryna, she covers what you need to know, including: 
Why do only 9% of Linkedin user post, and what are they missing out onHow LinkedIn content drives more revenue How to maximize your posts outcomes
Kotryna’s background
Kotryna Kurt is the founder of a consulting company called Linkedist, which helps other businesses grow with the power of LinkedIn marketing, advertising, and sales. She is also an active contributor and a thought leader on LinkedIn, where she talks about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, and marketing.
For the last 6 years, Katrina has delivered +300 company and public workshops and helped different European accelerators educate their startups about marketing and sales. In recent years, she has shared her knowledge at the events like TechBBQ, login, Growth Marketing Conference San Francisco, Startup Wise Guys Accelerators, Sales Formula, and more. 
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