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183- Stress Reduction Methods to Improve Performance with Sabrina Runbeck

183- Stress Reduction Methods to Improve Performance with Sabrina Runbeck

Sabrina Runbeck teaches stress reduction strategies to gain back a day each week.
Time: 39:09
Let's be real, it is very easy to create a to-do list and then never see the end of the list. For many of us, it seems like we are always trapped in the rat race of accomplishing tasks and adding more onto our plate.
In this episode, Sabrina Runbeck will teach us better ways of creating to-do lists, and how to manage our time and stress so we can save 1 day per week and reduce impacts on our health.
What To Expect From This Episode
* How our work life can overstress ourselves in subtle ways 
* Different ways to manage our productivity and time to save a day per week
* How to transform our habits to work for us not against us
* [0:00] Welcome to the Summit For Wellness Podcast
* [2:30] Who is Sabrina Runbeck and what is her background
* [8:15] It is easy to stack on too much onto our to-do lists
* [10:15] For those who feel like they need to do stuff to not seem "lazy", how can we manage our to-do list so we still feel productive
* [16:00] What happens to our bodies when we are constantly stressed out
* [20:30] How can you shut off your brain so you get more sleep
* [23:45] Is dumping all your thoughts into a journal before bed an effective strategy
* [25:30] Are there better ways of creating a to-do list
* [28:00] Get a dedicated clock for time blocking, your phone is too much of a distraction
* [29:00] If you set a time block, but at the end you only have 5 minutes of work left, do you take the break or finish it
* [31:00] Final thoughts on productivity and stress reduction from Sabrina Runbeck
Resources From This Episode
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* Learn more about Sabrina's program Laser Focus
Transcript For Episode (Transcripts aren't even close to 100% Accurate)
[00:00:15] Bryan Carroll: do you have a to-do list? That just seems like it's endless and that stuff just continues to pile onto it. And there's really no end in sight. If, so this episode is definitely for you because I have Sabrina Runbeck on the show and we're gonna be covering how to manage your to-do list.
[00:00:33] So it doesn't feel so overwhelming and how to gain time back during your week. So you have that extra time to be able to focus on your health or to relax and reduce your stress levels overall. What's up everyone. I'm Bryan Carroll and I'm here to help people move more, eat well and be adventurous and Sabrina Runbeck overcame burnout while she was working in the cardiothoracic surgery.
[00:00:57] And now she is able to maintain a clinical practice while helping healthcare, private practice owners gain a day per week. She integrates a lot of her background in medicine, neuroscience, and positive intelligence to create. Simple six step system that allows her clients to stop having endless to-do lists or needing to put out fires on a daily basis.
[00:01:18] Now I'm sure many of you listening to this, definitely feel like you're in that rat race where there's just fire drills all the time. Your to-do list is never ending, etcetera. And so that is why I brought Sabrina onto the show, because at some point we have to have an end to the madness and be able to reduce our stress.
[00:01:39] So that it isn't impacting our health and a lot of our chronic diseases and the top killers in our country are stress related. Conditions that we could manage. If we manage how we perceive our work and work our schedules and all that type of stuff. So let's dive into my conversation with Sabrina. Thank you, Sabrina for coming onto the show.
[00:02:06] Sabrina Runbeck: Yeah. Thank you, Bryan,
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