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Beane's of Boston

Beane's of Boston

Are You Being Served USA
Time: 1:19:56
The USA's 1979 version of Are You Being Served? titled Beane's of Boston is under the microscope in this edition of Sitcom Showdown.
The pilot starred sitcom veterans Charlotte Rae (Diff'rent Strokes) as Mrs Slocombe and John Hillerman (Magnum PI) as Mr Peacock.
Steve and Jeffers compare the two series and - as always - enjoy looking at transplanted sitcom attempts!
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Release Date: 27/05/2023, 20:15:29


Nominating the best sitcom episodes of all time, for the Sitcom Showdown hall of fame. Sibling team Steve and Jeffers take turns selecting a classic sitcom ep to put the case for its inclusion, having to convince each other along the way. Let the showdown begin!

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