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Pipe Dreams Come True: Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures | Tread Lightly with a DIY Gravel Garden Path | Exterior House Painting Made Easy

Pipe Dreams Come True: Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures | Tread Lightly with a DIY Gravel Garden Path | Exterior House Painting Made Easy

Time: 37:31
Saving Water: Conserving water and lowering costs is made simple with water-saving fixtures and faucets.
Gravel Garden Path: Great gardens deserve perfect pathways around them. Get tips on creating a DIY gravel garden path.
Exterior House Painting: It’s a big job, but you can paint your home’s exterior a lot faster and easier with an airless paint sprayer.
 Plus, answers to your home improvement questions.
Banishing Bats: Pests in Keith’s attic are driving him batty! We’ve got tips on creating bat doors with screen flaps to let the bats out and keep them out.
Cracked Foundation: The concrete slab foundation has cracks and the kitchen floor is starting to dip. Rochelle should hire a structural engineer or home inspector to determine whether it’s serious and how to fix it.
Refinishing Hardwood Floor: Is a French polish a good option for a hardwood floor? Theresa gets advice on a better, more durable way to refinish her floor.
Buckling Vinyl Siding: Earl’s vinyl siding is buckling and bending because it was installed too tightly to allow it to expand and contract, but he can redo it.
Flagstone Patio: Stones in a flagstone patio are sticking up. Darlene should tamp down the base under them and add crushed gravel between the pavers.
Chimney Stucco: Anthony’s chimney is losing stucco and bricks are coming loose. We suggest a product that adheres well to old concrete and brick.
Laminate Countertops: Frankie wants to refinish her old laminate countertop and learns about a coating product that easily provides a whole new look.
Bad Contractors: After a brick mason contractor does a bad job and takes her money, Oralee gets info about pressing charges for theft and fraud.
Carpenter Bees: When carpenter bees keep coming back, Kevin needs to hire a pest control professional and replace areas of wood with composite materials.
Washing Machine Noise: What’s that banging noise in the new washing machine? Holly should either level the machine and use anti-vibration blocks or install a water hammer arrestor.
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