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The Curse of the Wolf-Thing

The Curse of the Wolf-Thing

Episode 264
Time: 1:15:45
For our continuing High Strangeness in Hellam segment Dillon tells of a shadow being that transformed into an orb. Next, Seth shares his story of a glowing-eyed entity staring in his window, and another from a friend about a wolf creature which followed him home then appeared in his dreams. Finally, we welcome Joshua Cutchin as well as Adam and Serfiel from Conspirinormal podcast to talk about this year’s Strange Realities conference.
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Join us as we explore the stranger aspects of our world. From bigfoot creatures and other cryptids to hauntings, hexes, magick, and more. A combination of historical research, witness interviews, discussion, and on-site recordings (where possible) is used to tell stories of the weird-but-true.

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