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Deadly Class Villainy

Deadly Class Villainy

Deadly Class Villainy
Time: 26:17
Monty and Rhias talk about Deadly Class, the latest edgy-yet-glossy Syfy show based on a comic book. This naturally turns into a discussion about Reality Bites and Rent. Then it’s time for Villains of the Week, where Vern Schillinger (JK Simmons from Oz) and Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates from Misery) demonstrate some things about modern life....
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GUID: theincomparable/villain/60
Release Date: 28/01/2019, 19:30:00


The Villain Edit: what people traditionally blame when they discover that their time on a reality show was spent being a huge jerk on camera. Also a podcast in which Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall talk about the reality shows they’ve been watching lately.

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