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AHDB Beef & Lamb: Tackling parasites in sheep with SCOPS

AHDB Beef & Lamb: Tackling parasites in sheep with SCOPS

Time: 36:14
In this episode of the Food & Farming podcast, AHDB’s Dr Nerys Wright is joined by independent sheep consultant and SCOPS representative Lesley Stubbings. They discuss the Nematodirus forecasting map for 2023 and details of the sheep element of the recently launch Defra funded animal health and welfare pathway.
Nematodirus forecasting
The nematodirus forecasting map for 2023 is live and hosted on the SCOPS website. The map uses the daily temperature to monitor when the over winter larvae may hatch and the subsequent risk of Nematodirus this year in young lambs. Other risk factors to consider are the age of the lambs and the amount they’re grazing and ingesting.
The Animal Health and Welfare pathway
For the Defra funded animal health and welfare pathway, the registration process is now open. There is £436 available to sheep farmers with 51 or more sheep and have claimed BPS in the past. As part of the pathway, farmers can expect 2-3 hour visit from their vet, a report highlighting the key prioritise for that business and a summary of the results from their wormer treatment check (WTC). In order to ensure that farmers get the most out of this pathway, it is important to ensure FECs are taken as a representative sample, as fresh as possible and wormers only used when they are high enough to warrant a treatment. Discuss the efficacy results with your vet or SQP/RAMA.
Useful links and resources:
How to apply for an annual health and welfare review of your livestock  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoaTzmZ0YBI
The SCOPS website SCOPS | Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep
Getting the most from FEC samples SCOPS FECs FInal Doc 
The Nematodirus map Nematodirus Forecast | SCOPS
Defra Pathway link Annual health and welfare review of livestock (defra.gov.uk)
SCOPS WTC booklet SCOPS WormerTreatmentCheck_Guidebook
Read AHDB's Worm control guide WormControlGuide3685_210104_WEB.pdf (windows.net)
Read AHDB's Parasite control guide Parasite control guide | AHDB
Order hard-copy publications here: AHDB Beef & Lamb Order Form | AHDB
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