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Brennan Dunn, Co-founder of RightMessage

Brennan Dunn, Co-founder of RightMessage

Brennan is a co-founder of Right Message. In this episode, we talk about the path he's taken that led him to create Right Message and what he's learned about building and launching SaaS applications based on his experiences with his various products.
Time: 46:36
Brennan and I explore the trajectory of businesses and learning that led him to create RightMessage.
Since founding his first SaaS application, Planscope, in 2011. Brennan began producing courses to help freelancers grow their business as a way to grow Planscope. However, as the content arm of Planscope grew, it became the primary breadwinner.
Brennan eventually sold Planscope to focus on the content production with Double Your Freelancing. While optimizing the funnel and learning about the importance of personalization, he began to see the opportunity to create an application that could provide easy-to-use personalization for other businesses. After providing these personalization services in the form of consulting, Brennan recognized that the next step was to use his SaaS experience to create RightMessage.
We also touch on the logistics of selling Planscope when it was financially intertwined with Double Your Freelancing. It required significant extra time to extricate the financials and clean up all of the books for the sale.
Special Guest: Brennan Dunn.
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