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Defence Connect Podcast

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The Defence Connect podcast is a unique series of discussions with members of the Australian defence industry, providing the perfect blend of business intelligence and insights from industry professionals. With guests from Defence, Primes and SME’s, academia and other key industry figures, this is the only podcast that brings the Australian defence community together.
Defence Connect is a dynamic 360° platform bridging the gap between the customer (Defence) and industry.
Defence Connect has aligned itself with the Australian Defence Force and the Federal Government, splitting our focus not just into the traditional sectors of Land (Army), Air (Air Force) and Sea (Navy), but into the six new Capability Streams:
- Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare and Cyber
- Key Enablers
- Air and Sea Lift
- Maritime and Anti-Submarine Warfare
- Strike and Air Combat
- Land Combat and Amphibious Warfare
As Defence moves to ensure the Force Structure Review and the First Principles Review: Creating One Defence plans are met, Australian industry involvement is critical for mission success.
The Defence Connect podcast will provide you and your business with valuable lessons, tips and insights into the industry, putting your company in the best position to take part in the increased Defence spending.
We’ll cover every aspect of doing business in the defence industry, from the tender process to recruitment, success stories, access points to Defence, smart business strategies and gain advice from key figures in the Defence’s procurement process.
Subscribe to the Defence Connect podcast and be part of this exciting and innovative industry.
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