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261: ADHD Productivity w/ Arianna Bradford

261: ADHD Productivity w/ Arianna Bradford

This week, we talk with Arianna Bradford, an ADHD productivity coach, about the best ways for adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to boost productivity in their daily lives. We cover a range of topics, from common symptoms of ADHD and..
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This week, we talk with Arianna Bradford, an ADHD productivity coach, about the best ways for adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to boost productivity in their daily lives. We cover a range of topics, from common symptoms of ADHD and organizational strategies to productivity hacks and the Pomodoro technique. Arianna shares her expertise on how to set specific goals and prioritize tasks, as well as how to use the right tools and resources to get the most out of your work mode. 
We also discuss the importance of taking breaks and transitioning between tasks, as well as how to manage ADHD symptoms in the workplace or in your personal life. Whether you're a project manager, creative professional, or simply looking to be more productive, this episode has something for everyone. So grab a cup of coffee, find a quiet spot, and join us as we explore the world of ADHD productivity with Arianna Bradford.
In this episode Arianna Bradford, an ADHD productivity coach, shares her tips for building productivity processes that work for neurodivergent brains.
Productivity for people with ADHD is not an arbitrary number or percentage, and should be set by the individual in regards to upcoming external deadlines.
Keeping all tasks and deadlines in one central place is important for feeling in control, and regularly reevaluating task priorities is crucial.
The ICNU method (Interest, Challenge, Novelty, Urgency) can help hack an ADHD brain and increase productivity, as can adding challenge and urgency, trying new approaches, and allowing for downtime.
Mind shifts and meditation can reduce stress and increase mindfulness, while tracking patterns and cycles can help with planning and prioritizing tasks.
Redefining productivity as satisfaction, not perfection, and taking breaks for self-care are essential for preventing burnout.
Favorite productivity tools include Amazing Marvin, Motion, The Bright App, Tusk, ClickUp, Headspace, and simplemind pro.
Using white, brown, or pink noise, binaural beats, and low-fi beats can help with focus, and starting new routines gradually can avoid overwhelming the brain.
Multitasking can be beneficial for ADHD brains, and it's important to remember that worth is not determined by external measures of productivity or success.
Understanding monthly and yearly cycles, as well as circadian rhythms, can aid in productivity and introspection.
Building your skills Organizational skills, goal setting, and breaking tasks into smaller chunks of time can also be helpful.
It's important to prioritize mental health and self-care in both personal and professional lives.
There is no one "best way" to be productive, and different options may work for different tasks or individuals.
ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, and those with ADHD may experience executive dysfunction and shorter attention spans.
Pomodoro cycles, mind maps, and analog clocks can aid in productivity, and to-do list apps and project managers can help keep track of tasks.
The ADHD community and employee resource groups can provide support and resources for productivity and navigating the work environment.
Taking short breaks and allowing for transition time can also improve productivity and reduce anxiety.
Mental health professionals, family members, and team members can also be valuable resources in building productive habits.
Social media and mobile devices can be both helpful and distracting, and it's important to set boundaries and prioritize privacy.
TikTok users and creative people may have an uncanny ability to focus on certain tasks, but may struggle with others.
The most important tasks should be at the top of your to-do list, and it's okay to leave some tasks for the next time or for the last minute.
Hard work and effort are important, but so is recognizing and accepting limitations.
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