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The Hearth of the Home (Kitchens #5)

The Hearth of the Home (Kitchens #5)

Time: 43:24
Does it matter what fuels our fire in the kitchen? Javon Bennett explains how his family adapted their cooking when they moved from Jamaica to England, and Carwyn Graves explores open fire cooking and other Welsh kitchen traditions.
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Lecker is written and produced by Lucy Dearlove
Thanks to the contributors on this episode, Javon Bennett and Carwyn Graves. 
And also thanks to Naomi Oppenheim who put me in touch with Javon via the British Library Caribbean Foodways project and also to my friend and previous Lecker guest Sian Stacey for telling me about Carwyn’s work.
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Original music was composed for the series by Jeremy Warmsley, with additional music by Blue Dot Sessions
Research and production assistance from Nadia Mehdi.
Extractor fan recording by Victoria Ferran
Cover collage by Stephanie Hartman
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