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Time: 39:55
In this latest episode, the Unexpected duo, Professor James Daybell and Dr Sam Willis tip of the condiment bottle of the past and pour out the unexpected history of KETCHUP! Which is all about eighteenth-century housewives, cookery and medicine; it's about crime and poisoning and Jonathan Swift's poetry! It’s also all about US nationalism, geopolitics and trade wars (including McDonalds pulling out of Russia in 2022), spaghetti westerns, and who could forget Mr Henry J. Heinz! Who knew!
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Release Date: 16/06/2022, 16:24:56


Histories of the Unexpected explores the past in ways that you never dreamt possible. Surely there’s nothing unexpected about the past? About History? Aha, well Histories of the Unexpected adopts a new approach to exploring our past. Gone is the traditional linear plotting of battles, monarchs and political movements. Histories of the Unexpected argues that everything has a history, even the most unexpected of subjects. Like SLIME. Or COURAGE. or APPLAUSE.... Presented by Dr Sam Willis and Professor James Daybell.
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