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Differences in a relationship

Differences in a relationship

Time: 16:00
George Gomond Psychic medium and Spiritual coach
I channel a group of a spiritual group that goes by the name of Adonis. They present material on various topics. Their  main interest in humanity is a  maintaining and developing relationships that of all kinds.  They present you the answers to manifesting happiness, healthy living, manifesting, and healing  Advice is given to assist you with needed insights for your well being. Their  goal is to help you change the beliefs that limit your life and create new beliefs so you can  manifest whatever you want
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The primary intent as a Spiritual Life Coach is to inspire you to a happier life. Part of the focus is giving guidance and advice on how to manifest in the areas of: spiritually conscious business development, life purpose, healthy living, relationships, and spirituality.
I will also present articles and commentary and information from various sources that, give advice, inspire and entertain. That includes sports, politics, culture, and spirituality.
Laughter is a key in all that I present.
I have studied and practiced for over 25 years as an Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. I use my gifts and training as an empath, hypnotherapist, and mystic. I have degrees in the study of metaphysics and business. Beyond that I have over 40 years of experience in the business world.

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