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Out of the Box; a Conversation with Suzanne Dudley Schon

Out of the Box; a Conversation with Suzanne Dudley Schon

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In my decades of being alive, of working with people first as a psychotherapist, then as a spiritual mentor, I have often noted the nuanced journey of life. How we never know what another is experiencing in their inner life. Of what is moving them to do and be who they are. Of what bridge they need to cross to get where they are going. A few months ago I was at a conference and was struck by one of the speakers. Who was this feisty woman who made people laugh while listening to the truth emanating from her soul? And then, on a dime, made them catch their breath in rapt silence? Over dinner I discovered she is an incredible bridge-builder and invited her to have a conversation here on Wisdom Talk Radio. 
Coach, Writer, and Speaker. Suzanne Dudley Schon has been a life and leadership coach for over a dozen years. She catalyzes positive change and success—healing and inspiring clients to “re-write” their stories and develop new habits to live more joyful, empowered lives. Along with her own coaching business, she is grateful to be a lead coach and writer for Upside Thinking. As a poet, her work has appeared in many literary magazines including the best-selling anthology, Dreams and Blessings: Six Visionary Poets. In her book, Out of the Box, a Journey In and Out of Emotional Captivity, Suzanne recounts her passage from silent suffering to flourishing with the aim of providing insight and hope to others.  
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