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Fix Your Gut In 4 Simple Steps With The Soulfood Nutritionista

Fix Your Gut In 4 Simple Steps With The Soulfood Nutritionista

Love & Trust Your Guts with Alyssa!
Time: 45:20
Alyssa Labrecque is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from Canada. 
Alyssa's journey started when she could no longer watch her sister in pain with Ulcerative Colitis and wanted to help her to feel better.
Herself she was battling with weight issue and after researching and reaching out to health professionals she discovered that nutrition was the way forward for both herself and for her sister.
Alyssa has created a site called Soulfood Nutirtionista and a program called Love & Trust Your Guts where she guides you through your journey to improve your digestive issues.
Her program includes:
Personalised daily actions that will get you back on track The specific inflammatory foods to avoid and how to swap them out without feeling deprived Proven stress busting and anxiety-reducing strategies to stop sabotaging your gut Personalised supplements to support and maintain a happy gut and happy poops The Happy Poop Method for tracking and normalising your poops Personalized gut repair food plan Proven strategies to avoid cravings, feeling lightheaded and start regaining your energy that works even in social situations And SO much more...! Check the show-notes for this episode for more details and links:
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