Christ is the anointed Word for your day. There is a living, present day, "I am," Word being fulfilled today that makes God real to you. This relationship changes your desires and makes you live a life that's pleasing to Him. The changes comes from the inside out - not will power. As we accept the Word for our day and walk in the Light as He has revealed it, the Lord Jesus becomes manifested in our flesh. We believe in the second coming of Christ, but we also believe that God will repeat the pattern that He has laid out in scripture from His first coming, 2000 years ago. Back then He foretold and sent a forerunner, a prophet called, John the Baptist. The same holds true for the second coming. There is scripture for an end time forerunner, with the spirit of Elijah, to introduce the second coming of Jesus Christ, like the John the Baptist of old. The forerunner is William Branham, and this humble man had a supernaturally vindicated, powerful ministry that God Himself orchestrated. We are in the cycle of the second coming. Don't miss it, like the Pharisees and Sadducees (religious leaders) of old. When the very fulfillment of the Old Testament stood in front of them, they were so spiritually blind that they not only called Him a devil, they wanted to kill Him. The religious leaders of our day are doing the same thing. They're calling a true work of the Lord, Beelzebub, or a work of the Devil. The second coming of the Lord is at hand and the Bible details exactly how it will happen. It describes the conditions of the world when it will happen, and details who will be here as it happens. It also prophetically describes the condition of the Christian church from Jesus' time to the end time and it's all played out perfectly. The Bible is the Word of God. It's True. God is real and He's coming for His elect. It's His plan, He's Sovereign. We're coming to a historic climax. The world, both naturally & politically is falling apart. It's time to surrender our own ideas and turn to Christ.

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