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The Sixth Annual Writing on GamesCast Game of the Year Bonanza 2021 DAY TWO

The Sixth Annual Writing on GamesCast Game of the Year Bonanza 2021 DAY TWO

Time: 5:42:05
Well, here it is. Day One was a resounding success I imagine, and here's Day Two to round it out, presented by Gold Bono. Almost six hours of deliberations taking us through the Golden Moments, the Golden Disappointments, the Golden Oldies, the Golden Remakes/Remasters/Re-releases/Updates and finally, the one you've all been waiting for... The Least Shittiest Ass Award. 
A sincere thank you from both Nico and Hamish for your continued support over the last six years and change. This is still immensely fun for us and we hope you get a kick out of it too. Here's to another year of obnoxious soundboard clips. Stay safe over the holidays and we'll be back in the new year!
4:44 - Best Moment (spoiler alert—we list out the games we'll be talking about before the actual moments themselves, so keep an ear out)
2:25:41 - Most Disappointing
3:09:17 - Best Old Game
3:54:33 - Best Remake/Remaster/Re-release/Update
4:22:10 - Game of the Year
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Hamish and Nico discuss goings on in the games industry, wax philosophical about the games they're playing, and rarely notice things going off the rails. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/writingongamescast/support

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