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Plot Twist: Welcome to It's The ADHD-Friendly Podcast!

Plot Twist: Welcome to It's The ADHD-Friendly Podcast!

Time: 3:56
Wait, what?  What happened to the Fit Habit?  I explain everything in this short podcast.  If you're a Fit Habit listener, you're still welcome here, but going forward, we're shifting focus to serve women with ADHD brains.  I hope you'll stay with us! 
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It’s The ADHD-Friendly Podcast is a celebration of smart, creative women with ADHD. We focus on the positive aspects of our neurodiversity and share tips, hacks and life advice on playing to your own unique strengths at work and life.
There’s no denying that living with ADHD can be challenging (especially around menopause, holy smokes), but focusing on the good is the best way to create energy, focus and follow through, so that’s what we do here.
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