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Episode 9 - Eating Tails & Dreaming Lucidly with Lee Adams (Conscious Co-Creators 004)

Episode 9 - Eating Tails & Dreaming Lucidly with Lee Adams (Conscious Co-Creators 004)

Infinite Love fellow travelers on this sojourn of Self!
Lee Adams, the author of A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming, podcast host of Cosmic Echo, and progenitor of higher consciousness over at www.taileaters.com, joins us for a scintillating conversation that implores each of us to walk through hidden gateways and engage with our dreams.
Lee delves into some of material covered in his book which is releasing May 4th, 2021 (but only scratches the surface so go snag a signed copy from his website!!) We also chat briefly about some of our favorite movies that touch on or deeply inspired by lucid dreams. There's discussion on Campbell, Jung, Steiner, and other authors with esoteric leanings. We chat about psychedelics, entheogens, and a term I coined called entheodelics. Overall the entire discussion is dripping in meaning and the exploration of consciousness. Check out the full hour and 45 minute conversation to get lost in depths only to be reborn on the journey and come back anew.
As always, you've been coding all in willed thoughts with Cody Allen Wilcox... take Care and spread it everywhere!Download.
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By becoming consciously aware, we can realize that we are living in a lucid dream. Manifest wisely.

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