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AI Product Development Framework

AI Product Development Framework

Ivy Nguyen on AI Starups
Time: 32:01
Ivy Nguyen shares insights on: 
Going beyond data - why data is NOT the new oil Model-Market Fit vs. Product-Market Fit Data Moat - a term she coined at Zetta Ventures - What does that mean and how can you build one. AI product development strategy. A trifecta of: Performance Plateau Minimum Algorithm Performance Stability Threshold About Ivy Nguyen:
Investor @ Zetta Ventures Partners, VC firm that exclusively invests in startups leveraging Data and AI. Prior to Zetta, Ivy sourced and led investments in several companies including Constructor, NuCypher, Assembly, and Agridata. Ivy graduated with a chemical engineering degree from Stanford Fun fact about Ivy: Ivy loves to knit and is planning to make a hat from a neural net generated knitting pattern. Follow Ivy on Twitter or LinkedIn to keep up with AI Product Development and her new AI Metrics Benchmark program.
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