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Using Social Media to Put Yourself Out There

Using Social Media to Put Yourself Out There

Have you been resisting using social media for your business or personally? Here are a couple tips.
This week, I discuss how to use social media to put yourself out there on social media and put a face to your business.
Topics discussed:
Writing thoughtful captions and sharing stories.
Using video and the stories feature.
Leaving thoughtful comments.
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Are you frustrated with social media marketing? Or maybe you don't understand how to use some of the social media platforms? Social media takes work but implementing quick tips daily can help launch your social media into success. Leslie McDermid with The Social Launch brings social media tips, tools and strategies to implement into your marketing strategy and improve your online presence. Leslie discusses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, as well as visual marketing tips, advertising options and more.

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