Trojan War: The Podcast is a serialized telling, in contemporary language, of the myriad stories from Greek mythology that together comprise the greatest epic of Western culture: the story of the Trojan War. All the great characters from Homer’s Iliad are here – Achilles, Helen of Troy, Odysseus, the Olympian Gods – and all the famous moments from the story – the Trojan Horse, The Judgement of Paris and Achilles Heel. Episode after episode, Jeff Wright, the storyteller, delivers a conversational, fast-paced, literate, and addictive, performance.

Customer Reviews

Amamzing story teller

Karthikeyan Balakumar-SurelyKB
I really loved listening to Jeff over the past week. He's a very seasoned story teller who is completely able to immerse the listener into the story and take them back 3500 years into the beaches of Troy.
He put in a lot of time and effort to explain to us all the back stories that are associated with Trojan war and offers an unbiased and scolarly report of the Epic and it's associated stories.
Great work Jeff. Many thanks!! Loved your show!! Want to listen to more from you soon!