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81. Super Changes Debate - Scott Phillips vs Cameron Murray - Part 2

81. Super Changes Debate - Scott Phillips vs Cameron Murray - Part 2

Time: 48:27
Following on from the previous episode, this is part 2 of the debate.
There’s been a few potential Super changes put forth by the Albanese government lately and I wanted to get two different viewpoints on the podcast to debate the pros and cons of the changes. I also wanted to talk about Super as a high-level concept. What exactly is Super? What’s the purpose of Super? Is Super fulfilling its job? etc. We have two returning guests joining in today’s discussion. CIO of The Motley Fool Australia, Scott Phillips and Economist Dr Cameron Murray. I’m playing moderator between these two as they give their different opinions on some of the following topics:
Are you for or against opening up Super to allow members to buy a home? (00:01:33)Is confidence being eroded when the government keeps tinkering with the system? (00:08:20)Is it just the rich getting richer? (00:15:08)Is it a good idea for the government to invest in capital projects? (00:18:43)The proposed Super cap (00:31:35)LinksCameron Murray - SubstackCameron Murray - TwitterCameron Murray - FacebookScott Phillips - TwitterScott Phillips - Facebookwww.aussiefirebug.com/podcast
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