It’s easy to see a child’s education as a path determined by grades, test scores and extra curricular activities. But genuine learning is about so much more than the points schools tally. MindShift explores the future of learning and how we raise our kids.
Season four of the MindShift Podcast is all about bringing joy back to learning and teaching. We asked our audience of parents and educators what matters most to them and created six episodes that exist at the intersection of issues parents care deeply about that educators are trying to solve. This podcast highlights how educators are addressing some of the trickiest problems in education with heart and creativity. We dive into anxiety, the importance of play, school lunch and so much more.
This podcast is part of the MindShift education site, a division of KQED News. KQED is an NPR/PBS member station based in San Francisco. You can also visit the MindShift website for episodes and supplemental blog posts or tweet us @MindShiftKQED or visit us at MindShift.KQED.org.

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