Bollywood Weekly is India's first ever podcast dedicated to Bollywood. Every week, we review the latest big theatrical release, and also provide views, opinions and random observations about the latest films, trailers, industry news, digital media and other relevant topics. Thoda funny or light-hearted rakhne ki bhi koshish kartein hain! There is only rule: no gossip, rumors, who’s dating who or any of that! We only focus on the things that matter - the movies themselves.

Customer Reviews

Good, can be better

I hv been listening to this since the begining... I like and agree with your views on bollywood/movies/actors/directors etc. most of the times, and i wait for the next as soon as i finish any episode. But THE MOST ANNOYING THING is the sound level. Aditya please listen to the podcast once u finish it before uploading... if there are 4 ppl speaking, all of them will have different sound levels, and even your prerecorded sound clips where u ask to like subscribe or share... doesn't match to the ongoing conversation. Please fix it.

Great podcast

Aditya, been listening to your podcasts for awhile now and they're just getting better and better. Your guests are insightful and funny with their views. The only request I would have is to figure out your audio as many of the comments can't be heard. One or two end up being really loud and a couple of others are real low. I keep rewinding but it's very faint. I hope you are able to fix this. Thanks for hearing me out :)