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MyGate, the No. 1 apartment management app, ensures the safety and convenience of gated societies. The gated community software offers numerous innovative features to help simplify daily chores and improve security standards around gated communities through its Security, Community & Accounting Management modules.
The housing society app was built as a comprehensive society management system, keeping in mind every single stakeholder of a gated community: security guards, residents, management committee, facility managers and vendors.
To get MyGate in your society, please reach out to us at contact@mygate.in
The following are some of the benefits provided by MyGate app for society residents:
Enhanced Security
-Invite friends and family: You can send an invite through the app and guests receive a unique passcode with the invitation through SMS. Guests enter the passcode at your gate and get a seamless entry. This quick mechanism saves time and is 100% safe.
- Raise a security alert: The security alert feature enables you to have digitized communication with the gate, eliminating the need to reach out for an intercom. This feature enables you to raise a security alert to guards in case of an emergency.
Improved Convenience
- Manage daily help (maid, cook, driver, electrician, plumber, etc.): You can hire domestic help after viewing ratings and comments. You will also get notified once your maid has entered the society.
- Use digital communication: You can read your notice board, raise complaints, make a dues payment, find contact details of committee members, your neighbours and get emergency contacts.
Smart Accounting
- Make hassle-free payments: You can check overdue, pay society maintenance bills and house rent on the MyGate app with zero convenience charges and win exciting offers and cashback.
- Enjoy easy bookkeeping: The society management can raise invoices for groups or individuals while the residents can view payment invoices on the app
Great Savings
- MyGate Exclusives: Save more for your home with great deals on products & services from top brands.
- MyGate Stores: Get fresh produce, daily essentials & local favourites delivered at your doorstep.
What’s new?
The society management app has introduced various new features as per the current needs and requirements of gated communities.
1. Residents can pay house rent & society dues directly on MyGate, and win exciting cashback and offers.
2. Residents can view how many flats in their society are in quarantine.
3. Security guards can capture temperature, mask and SpO2 status at the main gate and relay the same to the residents.
4. Societies can assure the safety of residents and the delivery executives using the ‘Leave at Gate’ feature.
5. Residents can shop & enjoy offers on products & services with MyGate Exclusives & Stores
Data privacy & protection
MyGate is safe to use the app and has its data security policies in place. This visitor management system gives users complete control over their personal information. MyGate has implemented GDPR guidelines, is compliant with ISO 27001, and ensures completely transparent and legally compliant information collection at all levels. The gate app ensures that information collection is purpose-oriented, clearly defined and maintained only for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose.
All the permissions are optional and we are being transparent about their usage.
Contacts (optional): To invite friends and relatives to your home
Camera & Gallery(optional): To add their photographs to the user profile
Storage (optional): To save the picture you set as your profile
Location(Optional): We need your location information to enable Bluetooth(BLE) based Smart Access for faster entry

What's New in Version 4.52.0

A few changes to make your experience better and minor bug fixes.










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iOS 10.0 or later


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Pathetic Update for December

Version 4.52.0
New version is pathetic.

Not able to login the app

Ajit K yadav
Version 4.52.0
I am not able to login the app. It’s saying that server is busy

Horrible spam once you sign up

Version 4.52.0
These people will start calling everyone in your society to spam and send them offers on behalf of MyGate. Do yourself a favour and ask your society to never sign up for this else everyone will keeping getting phone call spam from them. They offer peace of mind from salesman but have themselves become salesmen. Absolutely horrible headache. Beware.

Unable to sign in- Servers are busy all the time

Uber Pass User
Version 4.52.0
I get signed out every other day and try signing in zillion times but apparently their servers are busy ALL THE TIME!!! So annoying and frustrating for working class.

Goes blank often

Version 4.52.0
App is not working on my iPhone, goes blank frequently

Loging issues - Server busy try again later

Version 4.52.0
For past 1month the login to the app doesn’t work always says the server is busy try later. And it has been since then. Please fix this.

Duplicate message on entry and exit

Version 4.52.0
Receiving duplicate notification on every entr and exit of delivery person.

Add approval option in Apple Watch

Version 4.52.0
Please add the option to approve the entry once we get the alert.

App not working

Version 4.51.0
Unable to login.. app is not functioning.. reinstall couple of times.. but some how it keeps throwing error, internet is not connected or working

Login error

Version 4.51.0
App logged me out and giving error while I try to login back. Error msz "My gate servers are busy please wait for a moment and try again"

Nice app, but apple watch integration is broken

S Mondal
Version 4.51.0
Great app for an apartment complex. But the Apple watch integration is broken somehow after the last major OS update. I cannot approve entries from my watch any more (I can just see the notification).

Not a great App

Kalyan N
Version 4.51.0
There are lot of Options but not user friendly and need to search for the features. The main issue is with notifications. I am not getting the entry or exit notifications despite of activation. We will get only one click sound as notification and it should be a like a call to accept the entry of the guest

App crashing in ios 13.6.1

It seems the app is crashing and now it has completely stopped working.

Sheer waste of time and money

Siva T Kumar
Version 4.50.1
It took your team about ten days and twenty plus mails to find a solution and initiate a refund process. And you showcase your app as one stop solution for large gated communities.
Please work on your financials and fast resolutions first before you make tall claims. An utter waste app and not even a penny worth team.

A Great App Ruined

Parth garg
Version 4.28.0
This application was a gem a year ago. Now it is becoming over complex day by day.
1. UX is not centric to basic usage like entry exit and activity visualization.
2. There are three major epics community neighbourhood and services. Why would you include a home instead of activity?
3. Buy & Sell has no moderators. 100s of article for sell at overprice expectations.
4. Prepaid meter low balance alert never works.

Bot working

Version 4.13.0
I have just now updated the app and it is again asking for admin approval. Why so?

Keeps logging out

Version 4.29.1
No issues with the app until few weeks ago. Every couple of days, asks to log in again, when did , response is servers are busy, takes a few tries.,
Very inconvenient when someone is waiting at the gate for approval
What s happening!!

Awesome app

ankur bhugra
Version 4.31.0
But hey devs, why did you remove the 3d touch to approve/deny deliveries from the lock screen… ? Edit: making it 5 ⭐️ the 3d touch to approve/deny is back with the latest update on the lock screen! Thanks team :)
Edit: it was working for the test notification…. Not actually for the actual notification

Notifications not working for ios 15.1

Version 4.38.1
Unable to get notifications when phone is in idle mode. Problem with ios 15.1

Advertisement over convenience

Version 4.38.2
Earlier you could long press on the notification and approve an entry. This was helpful especially if you are doing something else on your mobile. Now you have to click on the notification which will open the app and then approve the entry. Why so? Because you want us to see the advertisement and if possible accidentally click on it too.
We are paying for the app through the association. If thats not enough ask for more. Or may be make a premium version for the people who prefer convenience.
Otherwise very helpful app.

Mygate servers busy

Version 4.11.0
I was logged out by app and trying to login from last 7 days but all in vain. Shows error - server busy login after some time.
1 nov 2021 and today is 7. No luck so far.

Ridiculously spamming

Version 4.34.0
Once a good app became a torture for residents with their privacy and notifications. Even after turning off Value added services notifications, they still keep pushing notifications. This includes, properties posting, shopping etc which if you accidentally look at once or use once, there is no option to stop them. Try to understand one thing, MyGate- you guys have become the worst spammers on phone, Apple Watch etc. And all your services have become below average or extremely poor. Being a part of association committee, I will ensure we replace you with some better society management app or go to traditional way of managing ERP and services.

Logs of visitors disappear

Version 4.36.1
when raised to CC, instead of accepting the bug and promising to fix they come up with ridiculous reasonings.

Works fine but extremely spammy on the notifications front

Version 4.9.1
Hope the folks at MyGate are reading this. This app works fine for the core use cases it is meant for. However app takes the liberty of sending all kinds of promotional and marketing notifications! Please stop that!

3rd class UI

Version 4.37.0
Dont just push updates every 10-15 days to show us more ads .
Feedup of you pushing updates without any work or diffrence made in UI

Apple watch approval not working

Version 4.35.0
Not able to approve via apple watch

Great app once upon a time

Version 4.16.0
MyGate once was a very cool and utilitarian app earlier. But now with too many ads, the core purpose for which it is built has already moved from Home Screen to second screen. The app hangs so much now, it invokes unnecessary and redundant auto approvals now when a delivery is initiated from a partner such as Zomato, Swiggy etc.
Once a great and simple experience has now become a pathetic one. Unfortunate.
PS: I’m a user for the past 3yrs

Keeps logging out over wifi

Version 4.31.1
Each time I open the app while connected to my wifi network, it logs me out and doesn’t let me login. It gives the error that the server is busy, try again later.
The only option I have is to turn off wifi whenever I have to use the app, which is extremely frustrating.
This is happening with all my iOS devices, from an iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 and 12mini.

auto approve not working

Version 4.38.0
in a lot of scenarios auto approval of food services does not work. this requires manual confirmation of entry and kills the purpose of the feature provided

Unable to Accept the Visitors Via Apple Watch.

Version 4.36.0
Previously it was Perfect & convenient to Accept or Decline a Visitor via Watch but after new Updates it again got Hectic & time wasting.

I was happy with the app

Flipkart excellent
Version 4.50.0
Post last update my gate approval to allow guest have become complex. We do not get approve option in the notification bar or by using heptic touch. We need to load app and then approve it. My gate app takes sometime to load ans at times before we approve our phone starts ringing asking for approval. Please make some changes and make approval process easy. I will change my review rating to 5 star.

Poor ios app

make a better IOS app
Version 4.34.1
We were so fed up with mygate IOS app that may society we looking for alternative for mygate as lot of people using iphones were fed up.

Push notifications

Heena @@@
Version 4.32.0
Doesn’t allow the iPhone and Iwatch user to access the notifications to allow or decline the entry

Not able to login

All the session has expired after that I tried to login again then they responded “MyGate server are busy please wait for a moment and try again” I would suggest you please increase your server capacity or shut down the other services please focus your main aim not other.

Removing important features?

Chetan Gole
They removed a feature where in we were able to approve or reject entries directly from the lock screen with context menu in the notification itself. Now we need to open the app to take any action. Who even approved such feature removal?

Can't approve/disapprove entries from notifications

After the last update on my iPhone, I have been unable to approve or disapprove entries directly from notification pop-up. I have to open the app each and every time which is slow,time taking and very annoying. I hope you provide me a solution to get back to older settings.

Dont remove good features

Amazing app, made life easy while living in a society. Recent updates have removed the option to approve from long pressing the notification, please bring it back, its so bothering to open the app everytime just to approve entry.

Faulty new update

Previously one could accept/deny entry from homepage notification directly but now one has to go to the app and accept/deny.. plus the app hangs and keeps ringing inspite of choosing the option of accept/deny.. please fix this issue!

Lack of messaging option

Dedicated doctor
It will be really helpful if there is a options of leaving message to other residents personally...currenty dere is only calling option

Why are notifications coming twice?

Please look into the issue in your new update

Notifications need to change.

First we could accept or decline the entry via notifications and now we can’t in the new update, and the app takes ages to load. Please please change it back to normal, this is hampering the experience

Where is the notification banner, we have to go inside the app

You guys are purposely doing this so that we go inside your app, and you can show your app usage! Going to uninstall, would rather talk to the guard then going inside your “ad classified filled non-functional, slow motoring app”

Regular spam

Way too many marketing notifications with no option to opt out from non-essential notifications. Also forcing users to update before usage without any explanation is poor design

Can’t approve or deny from notification.

Anjuraj Rajan
I think many users have reported about this issue. Kindly fix it. Don’t reply asking to send a mail to support ID. The issue is clear and asked by many customers. It’s annoying

Unable to approve entries from Notification Center

App is forcing me to open the app for each approval - this doesn’t help in increasing engagement- it just creates extreme annoyance.
Earlier I could approve entries from Notification Center directly.

Can’t approve entry from notifications

Hey, I cannot approve entries directly from notifications after the iOs 15 update. Please look into it. Thank you.

Option to Approve removed from I watch and iPhone notification

I was able to approve directly from the notification using iPhone or iwatch but don’t see that option now. Please get that back asap.
This is very inconvenient.

Notification doesn't allow approving visitors

Earlier the notification used to provide the option to approve visitors. Its no longer possible after the latest update. Now we have to open the app and then approve which is extremely time consuming and annoying.

Servers are busy

It’s been a month I have been trying to login to MyGate app however no matter what I key in , an email ID or a phone number it constantly says “ MyGate servers are busy” please try again later !
You guys need to fix this issue asap as there are thousands of users facing this issue for a very long time and I m surprised no bug fix has been released yet !

Watch app issue

Hi. Question for developers- why has the approve and deny option been removed from the mygate apple watch app ?

In app call in case notification not answered

Hi, a suggestion - in all my previous such apps, a phone call would be initiated in case the notification of a visitor at gate is not actioned. For people who travel overseas, answering calls becomes an expensive affair. Would be good if you all could introduce an in app voip call that could help solve this problem. Thanks.

Support for switching off community discussions

This tool gives opportunity to connect to all residents and owners of the community without any restrictions. However, showing names with flat numbers to each residents of a large community of 2000+ is not good and safe.
Secondly, the communications should have sub topics likes general communications with the residents and notices or communications from the EC. The currently doesn’t have option to disable notifications for junk messages from residents as many people start utilizing opportunities to send products and foods. This is annoying.

Excellent app support by Priyamvadha

Having evaluated few options, we decided to go in for Mygate implementation for our community. The app was super simple to use and quite friendly.
Being one of the association member, having people of different age groups, we encountered several minor issuing and teething troubles in on-boarding our members. I received dependable and excellent support from Mygate associate Priyamvadha, she personally spoke to multiple members having issues and resolved them, making it a successful implementation. With many more members to adopt the app, I’m confident this support will go a long way. Expecting similar support from Mygate in the coming days ! Keep it up Priyamvadha !

Glitches ……

Why is this app sharing all sort of details as in contact numbers to evry person in society also the food dekivery orders etc ??? Isnt it meant fr security bt i guess exceot admin or authorized person every other person too has details .. Can u pls solve this or add on any kind of feature so tht our personal details only remain wd the admin & nit spread to other members as well ?
Also this app isnt working rite on IOS platform as it stops & shows no internet connection every single time while using in Low power mode

Good but Spammy

First of all the app is good BUT:
A lot of advertising in the name of “value added service” despite the fact I have unsubscribed from all notifications except for guest and delivery entry/exit.
The only reason I have this app because my society has removed intercom from security gate just to unnecessarily promote the app. And the amount of efforts the otherwise procrastinating society authorities are taking to promote the app, they are for sure being benefitted.
I don’t ask to remove the app from society, but it can coexist with the regular intercom, which is more practical to get notified for guests and deliveries.
You keep it paid but don’t spam. I hate being a product to your “freebies” and giveaways.

Please fix this issue ASAP

I updated your app a few mins ago. There was a delivery agent who came to our house after that. I’m still getting a notification that he is at our gate even after he delivered the parcel and left. I’m getting constant calls from MyGate as well saying the visitor is still at the gate. Kindly fix this issue ASAP and I’d be happy to provide a 5 star rating. Earlier the app was working flawlessly.

Fixed the only issue I had

The overall app is awesome and the entire concept serves the purpose. I only had one issue that I used to get a lot of unwanted promotional notifications. The developer responded asking me to turn of Value Added Services option from the app which apparently fixed the issue.

Unnecessary features with zero value addition.

N Agarwalla
The security guards in my society haven’t got the adequate training and are always entering incorrect details of visitors coming in and out. This leads to me getting IVR calls at odd hours. In the name of security this app has truly disrupted my peace.
Furthermore, the app size is too large for its own good.
MyGate is now starting to sell other services which me and other residents in my society are absolutely not interested in or derive any value from. The app has become too crowded with unnecessary details and features. It makes my life more complicated than it needs to be.

Very bad customer service

I don’t think anyone from MyGate team will respond for this review but for people who wants to install the App this comments will be useful. I stay in Sobha city Thanisandra Bangalore. I have raised a complaint asking the passcode for common areas are not working and the ticket is updated to resolved status with comments wait for some days. I again raised one more ticket after 10 days and now the ticket status is On hold with same comments from last 45 days. If the rating has minus points I would have given -5.

Solving problem to make people dumb

Anand Vijay Singh
I stay in society of 800+ families, and seriously i didn’t feel any need of such app, it is just like another app who is making business on selling you.. you the people having family.
And many people, like me, including myself, using this app unwillingly bcz some lazy, unorganised people think smartphones (or any such system) can make them a better person.
And, I am software professional and I do not see any need of such app, except corporate.

Full of spam

No option to turn of annoying advertisement notifications.
App has notifications setting, but it’s only limited to its core functionality. Cannot stop the garbage notifications that keep getting spammed.
This app notification has an important purpose of notifying users of security alerts. Hijacking that to send spam only makes it annoying , irritating and counter productive.
Do better.
I just checked other recent reviews and EVERYONE is annoyed and disappointed at this lack of care displayed by the developers.
They say it’s “educational and for customers”
Please stop with the useless corporate words and allow us to disable this useless feature.
And NO, I will NOT WRITE TO YOUR EMAIL WITH MY CREDENTIALS. I HAVE MADE MY GRIEVANCES CLEAR HERE , copy and paste it to your team if you are so keen on helping me.
Ugh. Disgusting.

Ads push notifications

The app pushes more ads notifications than the ones that are important truly pathetic business policy.
According to the reply from the developer the notification is for education and value addition. The fact is I have stopped all notification as its value subtraction ... so now the app is more useless to be on the phone. If the developer justifies ads pushed as notifications with offers as education, you should be developing a different app. This app is sole purpose of if someone is at the gate or not and I have tons of other apps for groceries and offers.

Bad customer care and lot of issues

I am secretary of our society from last 1.5 years and i have seen how mygate is degrading in terms of customer service and software quality. Issues are not resolved and keeping happening again and again. Even after providing informations about issues doesn’t help. Quality has degraded, functionalities are poorly designed without any understanding of the real life working. We have reported many many issues and core issues are still unresolved.

Huge Latency

The app loads up painfully slowly whenever I want to approve the entry of a vendor or anyone else. Also the check-in and check-out notifications are received with an at least 2 mins of the delay. By that time, the entrant is already at my doortstep.


Not able to receive notifications

Only getting calls

Earlier app giving me notifications for visitors but since last few days they stop giving notifications and getting only calls which is very frustrating you have to pick at any how it doesn’t matter you are in meetings of busy somewhere if you ignore visitors can’t enter.

App getting bigger like a monster

This app is going the same way where a cell phone company app wants to do banking and also start selling fruits and vegetables.
This is supposed to be a security app used to allow visitors and services providers access into user’s gated community. But now, God knows what they are up to, they want to peddle stuff, ask you to shop from various stores, do intercom with neighbours (I.e. expect you to not use the phone on which this app exists but use the app as the phone), publishes directory of the whole community without any sort of consent, and as a result of all this junk, what have could been a 15MB app is now a 150MB app that has no respect for valuable space in people’s phones. The feature creep is really annoying...

Ease of use

Shekhar Ranade
Have been using the app for our society since last 3 months. The mobile app is really easy to use. Most of the points have been taken care of. If all the heads can be seen in Hindi it will be useful for watchmen.


It would be really great if u give an option to erase or edit visitors history
Yesterday i was alone called my gf home and now my mom is asking me who is that girl ?
If given a feature i could have edited the list from my phone
But thanks to your app i am *%*{!

Unable to Receive Notifications on 12 Pro.

Shashidhar Kasi
Hi, This is Shashidhar from Vessella villas-Hyderabad (Telangana).
I am unable to receive any notifications on my iphone 12 Pro from Mygate.
I have tried all possible solutions and had failed, Could you please help resolve this.

Excellent fast Support Team

I was facing difficulty in logging into this App, after raising the issue with the Customer care, the issue was resolved within a few mins. Kudos to the Customer care team for such an awesome job. 😄

Ok on the features annoying self-promotion

What kind of a paid subscription service takes up nearly 40% of the screen space for self-promotional advertisements?? “Refer and earn 2500” or “get more from MyGate” 🙄 with those banners significantly bigger than the Notice Board or other things we would normally want to look for in the community, effectively directing the user focus on these ads away from the required stuff...besides making approval simpler, everything else is just that much more complicated to navigate...I just wish there was some ethical thinking to their app design...

Work on this feedback

Two stars because hours before the company individual could reach the house they update MyGate and we receive the call that the delivery person is at the gate! We wake up from deep sleep after work because of a nonsense call from my gate that the delivery person is at the door but the person is not! Do something about this! Make sure the app allows people to mark or alert only when they are at the location and not before that!

Could not sign in nor could create account

I had been user since two years. Then I went out of India for few months and came back. MyGate app now does not allow me to login nor does it allow me to create new user from the same old number.
On sign in using phone number it says user does not exists. On trying to register it says, user already exists.
No way to connect to the customer care! Just left with the option to write this review.

The Awesome App For Society

I am Ritesh Newal living in Ahmedabad and core committee member of a society of 500+ families. Before adapting this app, I researched multiple available apps that time. And looking at its feature I selected this.
The app maker are thinking way beyond a society needs. The App is user-friendly, multiple and awesome features. Pools, ERP, Notice, Security Gate Entry, Pre Approval Entry, Alarm and what not. Moreover overall communication process is simplified now, helping us reduce the overall complaints / queries from the members.
My Society of 500+ families is using this app since one year now and happy with it.
Other than App I am also very happy with the customer care service. They are calling to check the status every month and solve any problem asap they can. I would like to appreciate Ms. Kosha, She is always responsive and guide us whenever we need. I remember one instance when I called her on Saturday evening, when she was in Movie. She did not ignored the call and after listening the issue she said sir I am in a movie but I am forwarding your request to concerned department. And then after movie she called back and confirmed that my problem is resolved, What a customer service. Overall I am happy with App, Service and Price as well.

Safe secure and highly recommended app

I stay at Sky City , Ahmedabad and our society is using MyGate Application. It has been a wonderful experience using this application. In my another property Riveria Heights , Ahmedabad they use the MyGate too. It becomes so easy to keep track of both the places .
Safe - Secure & Highly Recommendable application.

Reflections by Pacifica, Ahmedabad

This is the best application I have ever seen for access control on residential society. Very user friendly and easy to use for all age of people.
Worth buying for society because post sale service and support is also good.
—Nilesh Brahmbhatt,


This is the worst app that could be used and the staff is extremely poorly trained. We for our society have been thoroughly liked and misguided. I am not even sure of the data security. They asked for an excel of all the phone numbers of all members with email ids etc and that’s as of no use because each knife idhar has to login directly on those app before being approved.
I STRONGLY RECCOMEND NOT TO OPT FOR THIS APP. We are looking for options and are sure to find some. There are many much more credible and branded companies in the market.

iOS app stuck at home page

From the last update I am unable to use the app. PNs are working fine but as soon as I try to open the app, it gets stuck on the homepage. I can see only loader for quite some time and the app crashes. Please fix this.
I have an iPhone 11 running iOS 13.5

MyGate: The Modern SuperApp

The bestest app where i can be rest assured about my daily help management, visitor, my guests and most importantly getting rid of the all the hassle. Thank you so much MyGate for being so wonderful in managing and simplifying the daily chores and constantly innovating newer features.
Keep up the great work!

Simple, elegant but very effective

Ritwik 4S
Choosing MyGate showed immediate ease at society gate for both residents and security guard. It’s very users friendly so the guards also get used to it very fast.
The entries of maids, milkman, and newspaper vendor are subtle and helps residents track the attendance also. We can also give ratings for maids and vendors.
For me personally, the best part is the IVR call....even if I am not on internet connection the IVR helps me deny/allow my entries.
My housing society immediately go used to MyGate. MyGate is the best at what it was made for. Thanks to the myGate team.

Good application for big societies.

Rajshekhar Reddy
This app is user friendly, containing features which makes it easier for society residents to manage aspects of living, the pre-approval booking of the cab service, delivery boy, parcel etc.
The design of the application is extremely useful. The team has really worked hard I feel. Thank you MyGate team for such a wonderful application.

MyGate app features

Shivtara CHS
Great application developed by MyGate team. This has helped our CHS a lot in streamline the things. 80% members started using app. We appreciate the continuous improvements in app dashboard for admin to act on complaints/ release society notices etc in app only (without browser). We are keen to implement other financial features also. Need proper support/training of all other features, some door to door campaign for non registered members and most importantly assurance of data security concerns raised by members. Hope MyGate team will help our CHS to set a benchmark CHS in our area.
Pravin Navale
Secretary Shivtara Garden CHS
Kothrud, PUNE

Great App and Easy to manage

Legacy Exotica
The app is easy to manage and keep track of the visitors. We appreciate the support we get.
Ridhima is supporting for us and is very helpful whenever we have issues.
All support members are easily reachable and provide support on time.

Good but needs bug fixing

Good app but seems to have this bug wherein the number of unread community messages just doesn’t reduce. Also there is no option just to see the unread messages and clear them or mark them read
Another functionality I miss is the resident board wherein the residents can post about vacancies in flats etc. Other apps like apna complex have that functionality

Terrible bugs

When a scheduled meeting request got changed - say meeting time, meeting body, or agenda, the recipients doesn’t get notified of it. A terrible bug, must fix asap
And a new one now, the text editor doesn’t understand single quote (‘) and hi-fen (-) (at least those I tried), and the meeting request doesn’t show any content if any said special characters exist. Same issue with the web utility
Hard to navigate the text window while editing in the app

The best app for society-residents!

Pulkita Goel
This app is user-friendly, containing features which makes it easier for society-residents to manage aspects of living, often overlooked, but critically important in the fast-paced lives we tend to live these days.
One can schedule pre-approval of cab entries, deliveries, message to guard, visiting help and guest visits, and has the option of granting or denying permission for one’s entry inside of the society. One can also utilise the app when logged into the account approved by the society admin, to raise alert in case of an emergency.
Additional features are: ‘Emergency Nos’, ‘Helpdesk’, ‘Local Services’, ‘Notice Board’, ‘Prepaid Meter’, and ‘Residents’ which provide for important information with respect to the block of the society one resides in.
Every possible aspect has been looked into and factored in, which is commendable on the part of app developers.
Overall, this app is definitely worth the installation.

Polished app with a few limitations

Pleasantly surprised to see such a polished app from an India service provider.
Most local service providers seem to not care much about app usability and design- glad to say that this app has pleasantly surprised me.
One annoyance that I do have is the limited flexibility on standing approvals and lack of timing options on IVR calls.
My milk delivery comes at 5:30 in the morning and I get a phone call to notify me which is annoying to say the least.
There should have been an option to select an entry and set a standing approval for the same.

App is of no use and breaches the whole purpose of security

The app allows security guard to approve visitor entry on resident’s behalf which beats the whole purpose of having security checks. This might have a serious impact in case the resident is out of the society and someone with bad intention, takes advantage and enters the society by getting their request approved by Guard. Please fix this bug wherein Guards can only approve/deny entry after resident’s confirmation.

Abhijyot harmony

shah hetal
Really good app. Easy to understand. Been using it for few months now and would be happy to recommend. It helps you keep digital track of all the visitors in your premises. Covers almost all functions needed in any residential building.
Nice work.

Good but not tested for iOS 13

Excellent idea, excellent set of functionality... But unfortunately since the launch of iOS 13 there are lots and lots of bugs. The app does not even open after the recent release (Jan 2020). Once your apartment adopts this system even very small issues are very critical... So as they become big they need to be more responsible in their release process

Good app but...

Great overall functionality. But it can be excruciatingly slow to load sometimes. If the interface takes longer to load than the time for it to transfer the intercom to the telephone, then the app approval functionality is wasted. Needs to be way way quicker than its current state.


I didnt find any complaint centre in this app
I m facing a problem that in my parking slot some budy will park their car and i have to face hassle
All the rime guard says today i ll make it free
So their should be a common suggestion or social button so we will interconect to other resident and society management

stalking and being stalked by our own family members

While the whole is celebrating such ease of managing the security of the building at the tap of fingers on fone we are encroaching and we are letting our own family members encroach each other’s peace by knowing the details that are sometimes not necessary for a whole big family to know . The app lacks a lot ! Its good designed for nuclear families or people who stay single without anyone else having this app on phone , not meant for a big family and for bigger apartment smith many people who most of time don’t even stay here but get all the notifications that are not necessary ! And it now easier to creat more mistrust among family members “ oops he forgot to tell us all what he ordered on swiggy” !
This app gives more importance for daily help and security and definitely not keeping in mind about the emotions and judgements that a family member will pass on cuz ooolala they saw something in the app which they wer not aware of!
And practically one person having the app is not the solution cuz each and every person has to have it on phone to be able to access it !
It would be more good if the notifications and other things wer restricted to one app in one phone whoever is handling it and like wise each family member has their own app that is not in common with all !

Pretty good app with some excellent features

This app has been designed extremely well. Kudos to the team for covering almost all functionality that is required by residents in an apartment complex.
We have been using this for a few months now and can it be more happy and satisfied with all the functionality. I am not sure how much we end up paying for this, but if you are thinking about implementing this for your apartments complex, think no more.

Works perfectly, but some minor issues.

My gate is extremely useful for people who lives in apartments. The only flaw of this app is that, we can create a delivery alert, via zomato or UberEats or Swiggy. But we cannot write the the name of the delivery guy here. If we could input the name or user name of the delivery person, the app would be even better.