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From losing weight to building strength, from high-intensity workouts to moving meditations: each piece of Asana Rebel is meant to fit every goal into your lifestyle.
One app to help you reach all your health and fitness goals
Asana Rebel will empower you to get in shape, feel better, and stay inspired day after day.
Exercise anytime, anywhere
Be your own gym: work out on your lunch breaks, in hotel rooms, late at night. Explore a world of yoga-inspired programs you can squeeze into the busiest schedules.
Fitness in every format
Make every second count with 5-minute workouts, stay up to date by reading articles, track your progress with daily challenges, get up to date with fun quizzes. Everything to keep you showing up.
Keep your body sharp and your mind sharper
Mindfulness is the ultimate skill to level up your training and boost your productivity. Bring clarity into your workouts with guided sessions and get in the zone with Music for Focus.
Find a routine that works for you and build lifelong habits
Train smarter, eat better, recover faster. Begin your journey with a single challenge and build from there.
Get moving and stay inspired!
Download Asana Rebel now.
Apple Health integration: Report your calories burned, weight, and yoga workouts (optional)
The download of Asana Rebel is free. Get all available workouts within the app as part of the monthly subscription. If you opt for the subscription, you pay the fixed price for your country which is displayed in the app. The subscription will be renewed automatically if it is not canceled within at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for each new term within 24 hours prior to the expiration of the current subscription. The current term of In-App subscriptions cannot be canceled. You can disable the automatic renewal via the iTunes account settings at any time.
Terms of Use: https://asanarebel.com/terms-of-use
Privacy Policy: https://asanarebel.com/privacy-policy

What's New in Version 9.29

Just like all Rebels, we’re working hard to become the best version of ourselves. That’s why we keep improving performance, correcting bugs, and updating the app with our latest collections. Check out the new designated area for workout challenges via the Explore tab. Be your own success story and start a challenge today!



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iOS 14.0 or later


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English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish

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2,297 Ratings

Customer Reviews

Unable to unlock next workout

Version 9.28
I completed a session but it is still not being marked as completed and hence the next workout video is not getting unlocked. Tried restarting the app multiple time but it didn’t work.

Great app to keep going at Home

Version 9.26
It's a great app which keeps me going and help me be regular with exercises. Also I love how they combined yoga to give great flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Not able to view the workouts despite paying for the subscription

Version 9.21
I am not able to view the workout videos despite paying fir the entire year’s subscription. Whenever I select a workout, it takes me the the subscription page, asking me to purchase a subscription when I have already done that. Kindly look into the matter and solve my issue ASAP.

Variety // refreshing workouts //

Version 9.18
Love the challenges and how they are planned for variety of movements. The plethora of exercises available for you are great. This is best app I’ve used for home workouts so far

No customer service

Version 9.16
Pathetic app. Your money gets deducted but no access to paid content. No way to contact the team. No revert from the team since last 4 days. No refund. Its like a scam.

Unable to access daily plan?

Version 9.1
I’ve paid for the whole year, but I’m unable to access my daily plan. Please help me out here

Asana ❤️

Version 9.0

Cheating !!

Version 8.27
I was told that I can cancel my subscription at any time but it’s wrong .. I can cancel only the renewal of my subscription but not the ongoing subscription that I’ve already been charged for .. that’s cheating !!

No personalized plan or goals

Version 8.23
App only provides information which can be found in abundance on the internet. Not worth paying for - no plan or goals or actions to take or reminders to help you meet your goal of reducing weight or staying fit

Need extended workouts

Version 8.18
Should have atleast 45 min to an hour workouts designed

Video keeps hanging

Version 8.18
This is such a pathetic app . The video keeps hanging in the middle of when you are doing exercises. Don’t purchase at all. I need my money back. Your technology is poor

Can’t even login!

Version 8.4
I wanted to purchase but it doesn’t login in any platform. Surprised that such basic things doesn’t work in you platform!!


Version 8.3
The instructions for exercise is very fast and does not allow one to grasp and then do the exercises. They just keep talkin and will not do the yoga with you. It is more like you are just sitting and watching someone to your exercises. Not planned thoughtfully and is not worth the subscription amount one pays. I paid for annual membership and completely regret it now


Version 8.2


Version 8.2
It’s a paid app 👎🏻

The app suddenly stops working

Version 8.2
All of a sudden the App has stopped working today. It is unreliable

Videos do not stream

Version 8.1
I have perfect network conditions, but the video stays in buffering for almost all the time through the video leading to major disruption. Having a paid account, I would expect a better experience.

Not sure if app is for me. Trial needed

Version 8.0
Hi, I don’t consider myself too fit but the app seems fine. But Rs 6000 for something I am not sure about sounds too steep. Is the any trial or something. Please don’t tell me I can cancel my subscription any time as we know how that goes and current payments are usually not returned.

Nice app should be more personalised. Advices lacking

Version 7.14
Cannot find link to go to 21 day weight loss challenge. As advertised on instagram! Why are these challenges not added in the tabs on the app?

Fraudulent activities buy this app

Version 7.12
I have come through a very this satisfied review for this app.it has been cheated me with some fraud activists which I never requested to them without my knowledge they deducted some amount with out my permission and notification. I would like to suggest people not to install this app as it cause harm to you.

Don’t buy this app

Version 7.12
So many technical problems. You cannot cannot to chromecast or any other tv. It’s painful to keep sorting their tech problem. Buy something else but not this. Can’t wait for my one year to be over.

Work out

b kalair
Version 7.11
It is perfect work out for me. But I cannot take plan because it’s expensive for me and I can pay only month by month

Videos on Medium/High Intensity Workouts

Version 7.11
Before I commit for a year, I’ll like to view few of Medium/High Intensity Workout videos which are not available without subscription.
It’s fine if you’d like to put a limit on the number of views one can have on the video, but please make some Medium/High Intensity Workout videos available.
It’ll help me and others make up our kind and get a subscription.
Thanks :)

Well paced training

Version 7.9
Good program to strengthen core and shoulders. Perfectly framed workouts

Charges deducted !

Komal Degwekar
Version 7.8
I had downloaded this app in the morning but did not subscribe for it yet and my amount has got deducted. Kindly refund as I did not want to purchase this app. Thank you.

Great mix of yoga and other forms of exercises

Suruchi K
Version 7.6.1
This app is worth the money spent on subscription. Enjoy most of the sessions. Focused on cardio, yoga asanas, flexibility and everything you need to fill your daily dose of fitness with.

Not very satisfied

Version 7.6
First of all there is no trial period in the app and secondly it is very basic app. Not recommended for those looking for intensive workouts. I would really appreciate if they refund my money which they are adamant not to.. very disappointing by bad customer service.


Version 7.6
Paid a quarterly membership fee. The workouts freeze and do not load. Do not download this one. Complete waste of money

Tracking progress missing

Version 7.6
While i like the app, it does not help / assist in knowing more about what I need. Also, it does not help track my progress for the goals i set for myself... i may need more workouts basis my need to get fit, but it doesn’t make those suggestions

Useless app. And they say cancel anytime. But it means no refund

Version 7.5
It shows a monthly plan and when U purchase , it bills annually. I cancelled within the month but it said you can avail services for the entire year. Clear case of cheating.

Casting issues

Kawal Kohli
Version 7.5
I am not able to cast the video on my smart TV and through the Apple TV app as well. Only the Audio plays and the video is blank. This is why I’m sceptical to pay for the plans. Please provide support as there is no support option on the app.

Excellent workout

Viru Mandolia
Version 7.5
I loved doing the workout at home and this app provides excellent tools. Thanks

Worst app ever please refund my amount

sangeeta gautam
Version 7.3
I have paid subscription amount by mistake thief was my debit card was saved, and want take the refund but they have no such as thing, plz refund my amount ......

Refund needed

Version 7.2
Subscription purchased accidentally with face id when I was surfing through this app, by default it is yearly subscription not even monthly, your app has no option to get refund when purchase is made thru apple tune, and Apple says we do not provide refund policy as this app is developed this way. Let me know what one should do, you are simply great guys!!

Not able to unlock my excercises

Version 3.8.1
I don’t know where to write for trouble shoot. I paid first for quarter and then for full year but still when I am trying to watch video it takes me to subscription page only. I have wasted 2 days trying to troubleshoot this but failed. If I am not allowed to see the videos then kindly refund my money back. I want to follow asana but unfortunately your technology has issues.

Connection and offline issues

Version 4.16
With the new update, Unable to connect with Apple watch and App just doesn’t start up in offline. What is the point of downloading offline workouts. I need my money back..


vk mirthy
Version 3.9.0
Very nice

Great workouts

Version 3.22.2
It’s explained very well and I love the flow of then asanas . The added in music is good as well .

Nothing for beginners

Version 4.0.1
If you are middle aged, unfit and yet aspirational this app is NOT for you. After filling in a detailed form on age and fitness level I expected a little more structure. Like here are 6 sessions for Level I starting with an introductory warming up and then going day by day increasing in intensity with rest days in the middle.
There is no such thing. The recommendations are absurd and have nothing to do with someone of my level of fitness. You will end up injuring people.

Health is wealth. This app will make you fit,strong ,flexible,calm and what not.

Version 3.10.3
It will be the best investment you have ever done on yourself. The app/team/trainer is/are superb. No matter what your problem is, Yoga with this app will make you fit every time you come back to it. With updates they have fixed the small bugs too. Best part it has Yoga workouts with different intensities, you can choose to your preference. Abs, wings, biceps are waiting for you.


Version 3.8.2
Love your asanas and flexibility

Regarding Payment Mode

Version 4.17
I really love the exercises and I also want to join it. Can’t we make a payment in monthly mode.


Version 4.3
But pls bring more varieties of workouts more often.

No intimation for starting the subscription

Tamta Ka
Version 4.8
Hi, I wanted to try Asana for a week, and was planning to pay after two more months. But the app directly deducted the amount. Please can the amount be reverted? I don’t wish to start immediately

Superb flexibility

Version 3.22.0
I need more of these. I could stretch my leg on to the other side but the way the lady took it up straight .. high... I could not
Probably practice will help. But do you have anything to make that easy?

Not good.....and very expensive also

Version 3.17.1
Workouts are very hard to follow, there is no pause between switching of exercise. Initiative is good , but in the field of application its very poor. Not worthy for money if using the paid version.

Good app. Expensive.

Samir Abrol
Version 3.20.1
The workouts are really good. I like the background music. Workouts are intense. However, it is slightly over priced. For this price, I expect video interaction with a trainer to correct my form, especially for beginners. A bug in the app does not log workouts done in succession into Apple health app. Only the last workout is logged.

Charged twice for subscription

Kc karthick
Version 3.10.2
I don’t understand why I was being charged twice for the yearly subscription. This really put me off. Please Initiate a refund immediately and cancel both the subscriptions.


nitya singh
Version 4.13
Workout hard nd easily I can do .
From Nitya Singh

Love it!

Version 3.8.3
The music and the instructor voice over are great - soothing and great pacing. And the video quality and production is fantastic.
I didn’t think I’d work up a sweat, but to my surprise it actually felt like a work out.
Need podcast-type feature where I can rewind 15 sec. or fast forward 15 sec. I will also say that this is a great app for people who work out or do yoga a couple of times a week, and are looking to add to their routine. I found the videos easy to follow thanks to my regular yoga training.


Version 4.25.1
Need some pauses and allow time for me to follow. Switches between Asanas are quite fast.

App Crashes while working out/ Novice Content

Version 3.10.0
Although the workouts are yoga based and not true yoga asanas, the app crashes few times while running
Also, there is no trial version. So, you realise only after paying. There is no feedback / support section on app. So, keep on hunting
The UI is not very intuitive
App is good for those who don’t know anything about Yoga. The asanas are most basic don’t follow real yoga traditions which are very scientific and evidence based.

Good but unable to download and play

Version 4.0.1
Purchased app 2 weeks back .and selected core strength programme .facing issues with this app
1 not able to download
2 even programme downloaded app is not allowing to play
3 most of the time the programme which I selected was not seen on the screen .
4 even if programme appeared on the screen I am not able to play , as it keeps on giving message that u can’t view past or future weeks programme .
Very disappointed by this

Work-outs are good, app needs work

Version 3.18.1
I have been using this app regularly. I love the work-outs but the app has a lot of bugs.
It doesn’t show me the workout schedule properly. Even though I have an annual subscription it shows me the subscription menu when I open the app.
I have to download all the workouts at once or else the workout tab doesn’t show up at all. Please fix this.

Love it. But there are some issues.

Version 4.9
I have been using the paid version if the app since past 1.5 months. Suddenly, my program gas disappeared. On some days it appears and others, it doesnt. I tried starting another program but still cannot see the 4th icon on the bottom (the one with program)

Please fix this update

Version 3.11.2
The latest updates have screwed up the previously perfectly functioning app.
The workout series that I had been doing is no longer available and worst of all I’m not even being able to initiate a new set
To top it all the app asks for payment every alternate day even though I had already paid till October.

Not able to log in

Version 4.28
Hi Team,
After installing and even after entering all the details. App is showing please enter your name. Can you please help

App has frozen

Murli Wakode
Version 6.4
I have quit and reopened the app couple of times, also, reinstalled it but it hasn't helped. The app definitely needs an update. Please update, quite excited to use it though.

Unable to view the videos even after payment

Bhavana Venkatesh
Version 6.2
Downloaded the App day before yesterday. Started with Yoga yesterday after payment. Today I am unable to view the video after yearly subscription..

Excellent app for yoga

Version 6.16
Awesome experience.. I have tried so many yoga apps but this one is best of all and I would recommend to all..

Trust me, you need this app

Version 3.14.1
I could easily pass as the world’s most laziest person. I’m too lazy to go workout in classes and stuff so ended up downloading this app and then deleting it in a week or so because my boyfriend came over and I was embarrassed but couldn’t stay away for too long. This is genuinely one of the best workout and relaxation apps I’ve ever come across. ITS A MUST TRY.

Good but expensive

The application is good. Gets the job done. But too expensive. They should have at least a 14 day trial to get people more enthusiastic about it so we can sign up. Also a dollar a month or 66 rupees a month would be fine after that period.
The workouts are challenging but not impossible. Application is good but if I sign on using my iphone I’m not sure it works with a browser on a computer Also.

Great programs - app hangs

I enjoy this App a lot even though I’ve been practising yoga since my 20s. What I don’t like is how often the app hangs and has to be restarted which, in the middle of a workout, means I’d rather do my own yoga sequence. Grrr

Best fitness app

Rinky sachdeva
Its amazing. I have been using it for over a month now and the results are better than what i got in six months in gym. Awsome yoga teacher. Easy to follow. Addictive. Amazing app. Love it. And its not so expensive as well.